Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm not ready to say I fear The Monkey but I am ready to say I respect it. My usual training run (a 1 mile loop) compares not to the wild elevation swings of Monkey. Nor does an out and back I tried at Iroquois Park yesterday an (a now obviously lame) attempt to mimic the monkey. The monkey (middle chart) will not be imitated.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

"I once got busy in an Iroquois bathroom" -Humpty paraphrased (Digital Underground)

I went for a run today at 2:00 PM (Iroquois Park). Before beginning, I stopped at the Amphitheater bathroom. I found fat forty-somethings fornicating in the filth on the floor (that is alliteration, my friends). A quick "Sorry!" was released along with my surprised look before I shut the door and began belly laughing. They laughed from the other side too before boarding their awaiting TARC a short time later. I saw too much flesh and the images were still burned into my retinas as I blinked on the drive home, post-run.

Don't you just love when people are in love away from their friends, families, or partners. What do you think, was this planned adultery or just love at first site whilst busing?